Keeping Safe!

During the academic year 2018/19 we have tried to make contact with a range of external sources to help broaden the learning of our children. We have made successful links with a range of fantastic organisations and subsequently have been able to give the children a range of experiences to help them develop their understanding of internet, personal and road safety. As well as this, we have been able to showcase the fantastic work of a range of charities, both local and national and the work of our emergency services to name but a few. 

Below are some pictures from a range of these events. 


Road Safety - EYFS 

We were lucky enough to have a visit from the local PCSO to help us know how to cross the street safely. We got to listen and ask lots of questions. Kyle tried hard to trick us, but we were super stars at knowing how to cross the street that he coudnt catch us out! As a treat for working so hard we got to go and explore his Police car! he even put the siren on, it was VERY loud but we loved it! Do you know how to cross the road safely?  


1. Hold hands

2. Find the safest place to cross. 

3. Stop, look and listen

4.  Cross straight over the road, never diagonally

The following link gives you some more information on crossing the road. 

The Dogs Trust  

We have also been fortunate enough to have a guest from The Dogs Trust to talk about how keep safe around dogs. The day started off with an assembly where we got  an insight into how this charity runs and how to behave around dogs.  After the assembly KS2 got to work closely with Sarah doing lots of different workshops! They looked closely into how the charity runs as well as what they do to look after all the abandoned dogs. 


Year 6 Workshops

Over this academic year, Year 6 have been fortunate enough to take part in some amazing workshops. These have ranged from Knife Crime, Anti-Social Behaviour and Crime and Time. 

Sewer Soup 

Year 4 were lucky enough to have a visit from the water boar where they made sewage soup from water and everyday household waste and identifying and investigating common micro-organisms found in untreated water, it encouraged the students to think about water pollution and what we can do to reduce it. Year 4 had a lot of fun exploring the different items they had and making different soups! 



Year 3 and Year 4 have been lucky enough to work with Co-op completing two workshops. The first workshop they completed was all to do with healthy eating, they explored lots of different foods talking about why they are or aren't healthy

In June, Years 3 and 4 will be visiting a local store, shopping on a budget! Stay tuned for photos! 


Digital Parenting 

Vodafone have published a service which helps to get teachers, parents and carers involved in the technology that young people enjoy. It aims to build children's confidence and resilience with these technologies to ensure they can get the very best out of the fast-moving digital world. For more information about this, please follow this link.

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