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Lockdown 2021: Messages from Mr. Prior


We have now been immersing ourselves in remote learning for a little over a week. This is a new experience for us all – children, parents and school staff.

As a school we know and recognise that remote learning can put a lot of pressure on parents. We recognise that many parents are juggling working from home whilst making sure that their children are completing the work which is being provided. We also recognise that some parents are juggling having a number of children all trying to access remote learning at the same time and we know these things are not easy.

We are here to help you so please keep in touch and message the teachers when you need to. All the teachers have been amazed by the amount of work which children are managing to complete at home; a big thank you to all parents who are working so hard to manage things at home.

Mrs Yeomans and I have phoned a random sample of parents to find out your views about the work which is being posted and to see how things might be changed or improved as this is, after all, a learning experience for all of us! I would like to thank parents for their overwhelmingly positive feedback; we have taken on board many of the suggestions made in order to make our provision even better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions were raised by more than one parent. I am collating these and have started to put together a Frequently Asked Questions document to share with parents, which can be found here.

Uploading of Work

Parents asked for work to be uploaded the day before it is due to be completed as this helps with getting prepared for the next day. This was already happening in some year groups; it is now happening with all.

Zoom Meetings

Parents asked if it would be possible for classes to get together, maybe once a week, on a Zoom call to touch base with one another. We will be putting these into place – so watch out for messages about them on Tapestry and ClassDojo.

Free School Meals

Parents whose children are eligible for Free School Meals were sent a text last Friday to say that we had received confirmation from the government that the National Voucher Scheme would be available again. We have now been told that it will be available from next week and are getting in touch with parents to make sure that the vouchers are delivered safely to you.

As a reminder: you will receive a voucher for £15 per week per child to spend on groceries at local supermarkets.

Have a good weekend, everyone. Keep safe!



Dear parents,

Here we are in lockdown again. All the staff here feel desperate for the children not being able to come into school, although we recognise that the lockdown is a necessity. Having re-opened the school after the Christmas break on Monday it was quite a shock to hear in the evening that we wouldn’t be having all the children back in the following morning.

When schools were closed last March we all followed the rules and stayed at home, doing our best with home learning, even though there were no cases of coronavirus within our school community whatsoever. This lockdown has a slightly more ‘serious’ feel to it as we know that there are current positive cases in the locality and last term schools across the area were having to send children home to isolate. It is so important that we all do our bit to keep ourselves safe.

Remote Learning

From today, children who are at home are being provided with home learning, either through Tapestry (for children in Foundation Stage) or ClassDojo (for Years 1 to 6). Providing remote learning on this scale and for such a long time is a new venture for us. I am sure there will be glitches along the way but we will do our very best to iron them out; thank you for bearing with us!

Teachers are on hand throughout the day from 8.45 a.m. until 3.15 p.m. if you need any help or support. Please just message them either through Tapestry or ClassDojo. If your child’s class teacher is working with Critical Worker children at the time, it may be a different member of staff within the year group who will get back to you.

Teachers will also be ringing you on a weekly basis just to touch base. When we did this last year, we allocated families to one teacher. This meant that if you had more than one child in school you would receive a call from the eldest child’s teacher. This time around each teacher will ring the parents of each child in their class – so you will be getting more than one call if you have more than one child in school.

With learning at home, make sure that you build in plenty of breaks for your child, just as they would have at school. It is important for children to stay healthy and active so give them some opportunities to do something more physical. Obviously there are not many opportunities to go out to exercise but Joe Wicks is starting his online PE again next week (9.00 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) and there are still lots of ideas on our website, including Mr. Holyland’s Challenges which children enjoyed during the previous lockdown.

Home learning for the next six weeks will not be easy, we know that, but the staff at Broom Leys are here to help – whether they are working in school or working from home – so do please feel free to make contact.

Training Day: Friday 8th January

This Friday the school was due to be closed to children (!) for the day for a staff training day. With the current restrictions the training day has been postponed so Friday will be a normal (under these circumstances) day and teachers will provide remote learning for your children.

The training day has been rescheduled for Friday 19th March, in the hope that we will all be back at school by that point. So please make a note of that date in your diary as school will not be open for children on that day.

Critical Workers

School has to remain open for children of ‘Critical Workers’, those people whose work is critical to keeping the country going during the pandemic. I know that some parents who are critical workers did not submit a request for their child to join a bubble at school as they already had cover for this week but they will need this from next week.

If you are a Critical Worker (a definition of which can be found on our website) and you need your child to attend school but they are not yet doing so, we will be admitting children at the start of each week. Children will be expected to attend every day between 8.45 a.m. and 3.15 p.m., even if you only work for part of the week, they will need to wear school uniform and bring a packed lunch. The request form will be on the website each week from Tuesday morning with a closing time of midday on the Thursday for your child to start the following Monday.


To start on Monday 11th January apply by Thursday 7th January

To start on Monday 18th January apply by Thursday 14th January

To start on Monday 25th January apply by Thursday 21st January

To start on Monday 1st February apply by Thursday 28th January

To start on Monday 8th February apply by Thursday 4th February


Please note that if it is at all possible for you to keep your child at home, even if you are a Critical Worker and are therefore eligible for a place for your child at school, then you should do so. Boris Johnson recognised in his speech on Monday evening that, whilst schools are safe places, they are ‘vectors for transmission, causing the virus to spread between households’. Home is safer.



After the Prime Minister's announcement on 4th January that schools must close from Tuesday 5th January, Broom Leys will be moving to online learning. Teachers will be working hard to provide a well sequenced curriculum for all children, which we expect children and parents to access from home from Wednesday 6th January.

The school will continue to be open for children of Critical Workers although the guidance is very clear: if you can keep your child at home then you must. Boris Johnson recognised in his speech that schools can be 'vectors for transmission, causing the virus to spread between households' therefore the fewer children still attending school the better for the time being.

Further information will be provided to parents as it becomes available.


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