Messages from Mr. Prior

06.07.20  Day Sixty

As I said last week, I am extremely pleased that the government has announced that all children are to return to school at the start of the autumn term. I believe that over the last five weeks whilst we have had children in three year groups returning to school we have shown that we can keep the school a safe place for both children and staff.

The government guidance on re-opening in the autumn was published on Thursday. This is a mighty document and we are currently working our way through it to ensure that we put all possible measures in place to keep the school safe for a larger number of children. I will share our plans with parents before we break up for the summer holiday on Friday.

We are aiming to return to school as normally as possible, although there will be some differences which parents will feel such as the start and end times of the school day as we will have to stagger this for different year groups. Please check the updates later in the week when these plans will be shared with you.

For the last few weeks we have asked children not to come to school in uniform but that guidance has now changed so we WILL be expecting children to wear uniform. If you need to order new uniform for the autumn, please visit the School Uniform page on our website where you will not only find a link to the suppliers but also an update from the suppliers about changes to deliveries for the time being.

The government has issued guidance for parents about what they might expect schools to be like in the autumn term. You can find that guidance here.

It has been good to see a lot of parents coming in to school this week to collect annual reports as well as children’s belongings. We have managed to return a lot of property to you which was left when the school closed down in such a rush back in March. I would like to thank Mrs. James, who is our crossing guide and one of our Midday Supervisors as she has, over several days, taken all the property home, washed it and cleaned it, and labelled it (if it had a name on) for collection. What a job!

Summer Reading Challenge update from Leicestershire Libraries

Children of any age can sign up to the Silly Squad website, make a profile, set their own book target and earn incentives such as games, videos and activities as they read their books. They can choose books through the amazing Book Sorter and download a certificate at the end. Find out more here.

The Big Veg Takedown
Help create an exciting animated story for 3 years+ starring Walter Lemonface which launched Weds 24th June at 2pm. New episodes will be added every two weeks and children are asked to help out with details for each new episode via our FB and Twitter pages or by emailing
We would love you to take part in the next episode on Weds 8th July.

Silly Summer Jokey Book - Coming soon!
Do you know any good jokes? Help us make our digital silly summer jokey book by sending your jokes in to us from 6th July. Look out for details of how to do this on our FB and Twitter pages and our libraries website.

Wriggly Readers at Home - Coming Soon!
Are you missing your under-fives library storytime? Join us at 10.30am every Tuesday from 7th July on our Facebook page for a brand new online Wriggly Readers.


29.06.20  Day Fifty Five

I was personally extremely pleased with the announcement made in the evening of 19th June that schools are to re-open for all pupils in the autumn term. We really do want and need the children to be back at school and to return to some sort of normality after all these weeks. At the moment we do not know what measures we will be expected to put in place to keep the school safe for both staff and children. Boris Johnson stated on the 19th that guidance would be published within a fortnight; that message was reinforced today with a promise of the guidance by the end of the week. For schools in Leicestershire, remembering that we break up for the summer holiday earlier than the rest of the country, that does not give us much time to put plans together but I will make sure that parents are kept up to date as and when arrangements are finalised.

With many children in Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 6 now back at school, along with Key Worker children, we currently have about 170 children in school each day. The procedures which we put in place for this partial re-opening have been successful and we will learn from these as we plan for the full re-opening towards the end of August. One thing is for sure: attendance in the autumn will be compulsory, unlike the current situation.

As we head towards the summer holiday (which starts next Friday, 10th July) all parents need to be aware that the school will be closed throughout the summer, including for children of Key Workers. This is in line with all schools nationally. 

We are devising a means of passing children's reports to parents as well as children's books which were left at school when we closed with such speed back in March. With that in mind, texts were sent to parents today inviting you to collect your child's report and belongings between 3.45 p.m. and 4.15 p.m. on the following dates:

Year 5: Wednesday 1st July

Year 4: Thursday 2nd July

Year 3: Friday 3rd July

Year 2: Monday 6th July

EYFS / Y1 (if not in school): Tuesday 7th July

Year 6 (if not in school): Wednesday 8th July

If your child is already in school then reports and belongings will be sent home with them at the end of school one day over the next week.

If you have children in more than one year group then we will endeavour to have reports and belongings for all your children on the day above for your eldest child in school so please don't come on an earlier day as things will not be ready for you!

When arriving at school, please enter the site through the car exit gate. Remembering social distancing you will be guided to the playground where you will be able to collect everything then leave the site via the playground gate opposite St. David's Church. We look forward to seeing you although this will not, unfortunately, be a chance to stop and chat. The weather seems unpredictable at the moment; we go from hot to cold and from dry to wet in a matter of hours. When you come to collect things from school they will be kept dry under the canopies until you arrive.



19.06.20  Day Forty Nine

Exciting news this week for children in Year 3: the bee hives which they built last term are finally inhabited! David the Bee Farmer dropped by school on Wednesday with three colonies of bees which he transferred, very carefully, into our hives. Pictures and videos of the arrival of the bees can be seen on the Year 3 page. In total there are over 100,000 bees in the hives which you will be able to see if you pass by school - they are just inside the vehicle entrance gate. So now we leave the bees to their busy lives and come the autumn we should have some of our very own honey - Broom Bees Honey.

Whilst school is feeling a little busier with the children who have started back, we are still thinking very much of those who are still at home. We are making plans for the autumn, in the hope that we will be able to welcome everyone back at the start of the new school year. Things do change regularly, though, so I will keep parents informed nearer the time about what our arrangements will be but we really are keen to see everyone again.

Parents will receive their child's annual report either at the end of next week, or at the beginning of the week commencing 29th June. With the report will be information about which class teacher your child will have next year. Very often at this time of year we might move children around a little between classes but for this year no changes are to be made and classes will move to their next teacher as a whole.

If you have a child starting with us for the first time in the Foundation Stage in the autumn you will have been able to pick up your information pack this week. Please remember that there is always someone here who is able to help should you have any questions, having read the information. Simply phone the school office. Hazel McDowell from the Family Learning Team is offering new parents a 'Get Ready for School' programme, all of which will be delivered remotely this year. Hazel has been working alongside parents at Broom Leys for many years and her advice and support is always well-received. Please read the attached flyer and, if interested, contact Hazel directly.

Still with a view to the next academic year, Relationships and Sex Education is to be made a compulsory part of the primary curriculum. In planning for this, we have developed a new policy for the subject and a new curriculum. Both of these are available for parents to consider and to provide feedback to us, should you wish, by Friday 3rd July. Please visit our Relationships and Sex Education page.

And finally, for now, if you are a parent of a child in EYFS, Y1 or Y6 and you would like your child to return to school on Monday 29th June you need to let us know by 9.00 a.m. on Monday 22nd June by visiting the plans for re-opening page. Please note: we will not be accepting any further bookings after this date.



12.06.20 Day Forty Four

We have now finished our first full week for the children in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 6 who have returned to school. Despite all the rain (where has that sun gone which we had for so long?!) it has been a good week, with the children immersed in learning activities - many of them outside. If your child has not yet returned and you are considering it for the week beginning 22nd June, you need to let us know by 9.00 a.m. on Monday. As explained previously this is so that we can make all necessary arrangements as some of our 'bubbles' have grown a little recently.

On Tuesday, Gavin Williamson (Education Secretary) announced that the government's plans for schools to re-open before the summer for other year groups had been abandoned. This means that any children in Years 2, 3, 4 or 5 will not have the opportunity to return to school until the end of August. We do not know what might be expected of schools by then, whether we will be fully open or part open, but I will keep parents updated as much as possible.

We are obviously planning to be open in the Autumn (whether or not that happens) and we will be communicating with parents before the end of this term whose class your child(ren) will be in. We will still be providing parents with a written report, based on the work which children completed before the school closed, and we will include as much information about next school year as possible with the report. We will also be sending out an information pack next week for parents of children who are due to start school for the first time after the summer.

In preparation for the new school year we have this week made two new teaching appointments: Miss Dearden will be teaching in Year 5 and Miss McPherson in Year 2.

Mrs. Goldring, our Music Coordinator, sent a text to parents of children in Years 3, 4 and 5 earlier in the week advertising peripatetic music lessons which you may be interested in for your child in the Autumn. Visit the Instrumental Tuition page for further information.

In the meantime, we will continue to provide home learning activities for children of all ages and phone calls for those in Years 2, 3, 4 and 5. I know what a great job most parents are doing with the home learning. To encourage your child to listen to stories you might like to download the RBDigital app, which is available from the App Store or Google Play. You can use your library card to borrow free audible books.

We have been saddened this week to learn that Emma Buck, one of our Midday Supervisors and Cleaners, collapsed at home and passed away at the weekend. Emma had worked at Broom Leys since 2005 and her two children both attended the school. Our thoughts are with Emma's family: Jonathan, Sam and Ellie.



05.06.20 Day Thirty Nine

It has been a busy week for staff in school. On Monday and Tuesday we were preparing the buildings for re-opening on Wednesday. The day arrived and we welcomed back over 100 children in Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 6. We have introduced a one-way system for the daily drop off and pick up and that is working well. Children are coming in confidently and happily. I would like to thank all parents for following our new routines; with your support they are proving to be a success.

I know that some parents felt that a return to school this week was just a little too early for them to consider but that they might consider it after a couple of weeks. If you do change your mind, we are asking for a week's notice. The reason for this is that as and when more children return to school we may have to reorganise staff and open up more rooms (or 'bubbles' as they are being called in this new era!). By knowing a week in advance how many children to expect we can make all the necessary arrangements to keep both children and staff safe and well. 

Please take a look at the plans for re-opening page for the dates by which you need to let us know for your child to return to school at a future date.

For those in EYFS, Y1 and Y6 who are not sending their child back to school we are continuing to place work on the school website but the phone calls home will stop. All the teachers in those year groups are now involved with a class full time and do not have the capacity to continue with the calls. If, however, you would like to contact the teacher then there is still the message facility on our Contact a Teacher page.

For those in Years 2 to 5 we are continuing to place work on our website for you and the telephone calls will continue. Some parents will find that it is a different teacher contacting them now and this is due to their previous contact now working in a bubble. We are also going to reduce the number of calls to just once a week but if you would like to continue with two a week please just let your contact teacher know and they will continue with this. Mr. Holyland's Daily Challenge will also resume on Monday.

On a totally different note, I have some wonderful news for parents of children in 1B or for anyone who has been taught by Mrs. Beswick: Effie Violet Beswick was born on Friday 29th May at 5.35pm weighing 6lb 11oz. Our congratulations go to her. 

Whilst on the subject of babies, parents of children in 1C already know that Mrs. Collins is continuing to work from home at the moment rather than joining us back at school as she is expecting her first child. Similarly good news is that our Deputy Headteacher, Mrs. Barnard, is also working from home as she is now expecting her second child at the end of the summer so is also working from home. Congratulations to both!

Leicestershire Music Hub is offering all pupils an opportunity to take part in an amazing virtual choir project being supported by Mark De-Lisser who our Year 4 children would have had the opportunity to meet and work with at the Choral Spectacular, had it gone ahead. Mark has agreed for children to sing his version of A Million Dreams and he has recorded fantastic teaching videos exclusively for Leicestershire - children can then submit recordings of themselves singing along to the track which will then be put together into one massed virtual choir. The Music Hub is also compiling a photo montage of the children to go alongside this which will be released via their website and also shared by Mark.

Parents need to register via this link: which will take you to the main registration page. In "singing opportunities" you will find "A Million Dreams – Virtual choir Project". Once you have registered you will be sent a password to access the resources and full instructions on how to take part. The project is fully subsidised by the music hub and there is no charge to take part.

Summer Reading Challenge 2020: Leicestershire Libraries are Going Digital!

Leicestershire Libraries are delivering the all-new Digital Only Summer Reading Challenge from The Reading Agency this summer so that they can reach as many children and families as possible. Meet the Silly Squad and celebrate funny books! Check out a host of Facebook launch events on Friday 5th June with authors and celebrities. Children sign up to from Friday 5th June onwards to create a profile. Read any amount and any type of book that makes you happy, from digital to print. As you read, unlock videos, games and online badges and get a downloadable certificate at the end! Download brilliant eBooks and eAudiobooks from Leicestershire’s Digital Library
Collect digital activities, competitions, games and rewards along the way. Look out for extra special Leicestershire online activities in July and August.


20.05.20 Day Thirty Two

Firstly, I know that parents are keen to know of our plans for re-opening, once it is safe to do so. I should be in a position to be able to share our plans either later today or early tomorrow. As you can imagine, it is not as simple as just throwing open the doors and welcoming everyone back in! The safety of pupils is important; just as important is the safety of the staff and we have been working hard to put things in place which will make the school as safe as we possibly can.

Did you know that today is 'Thank a Teacher' Day? I would like to give a personal thank you to all the staff at Broom Leys, not just the teachers, who have worked hard over the last few weeks to keep things going as well as possible.

The classroom and IT staff have been regularly updating suggestions for home schooling, they have been making phone calls to parents to keep regular contact and to help with any queries. They have come into school to provide care for children of Key Workers. They have also been working as teams to plan work and have taken this opportunity to complete a range of online learning. Thank you.

The pastoral team has continued to offer help and support to many of our families and have been in communication with other services and agencies to make sure that families continue to access any support they may need for any reason. Thank you.

The office staff have made sure that there is always someone available in school during normal working hours. They have managed to sort out the Free School Meals vouchers (what a task that was!), they have answered queries from parents and they are currently putting together a welcome pack for our new starters. Thank you.

The premises and cleaning staff have been in school throughout the closure to give every room a deep clean so that the buildings are as safe as possible. Groundswork and maintenance tasks have been undertaken to keep our learning environment in good condition, including some external redecoration. Thank you.

Who says that schools have been closed?!!!



11.05.20 Day Twenty Five

I am sure that many parents have a number of questions in their minds about the re-opening of schools after Boris Johnson's statement yesterday. In spite of what parents may think, we are not given any more notice than anyone else about what is to be announced so I have probably as many questions in my mind as you, if not more. All we know at the moment is that primary schools are expected to open on 1st June for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.

The first thing to say is that, whilst we miss your children being at school and would love to see them again, safety is paramount. The Prime Minister indicated that 1st June is a possible opening date but that this will remain under constant review. I am awaiting further guidance from the government today, regarding issues such as social distancing, class sizes, adult:pupil ratios, PPE, cleaning, start times, break times etc. Once a plan is in place, this will be shared with parents.

As a result of the statement yesterday many parents may have been asked to return to work and may be hoping that school will be able to provide care. Please remember, though, that one thing we do know is that schools are being asked to continue to provide care for a limited number of children - children who are vulnerable, and children whose parents are critical to the Covid-19 response and cannot be safely cared for at home. Sending a child into school is still the last resort; every child who can be safely cared for at home must be.

We know that for now the list of key workers remains unchanged. The advice we have been given is that it would be very unlikely that someone who is a key worker would not have been at work until this point, as ‘key workers’ are the people who were needed to keep everything going during the last 6 weeks. I am sorry that I have to be so strict with this, but in order to protect the health of the children in school and the staff, it is necessary to continue to keep numbers as low as possible until we are given further guidance.  

Information about 'Critical Workers' can be found on the government website.

So for now the message is: watch this space! I will update parents as and when things become clearer for us all.



07.05.20 Day Twenty Four

I hope that everyone is ready for their VE Day Celebrations tomorrow? Perhaps a picnic in the back garden? If you need some ideas about what activities you could do with your child to mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe please remember that we have a page full of suggestions for you on our website. If you fancy a good old sing along and a little flag waving, the Royal Albert Hall is streaming a live concert, We'll Meet Again for VE Day 75 with Katherine Jenkins. The half hour concert will be broadcast live from 6.00 p.m.

As mentioned in my previous message there is still no word on schools re-opening, although that may well change over the weekend. IF there is any announcement relating to this burning issue then we will, of course, keep parents informed about what we will be doing here.

A parent has very kindly alerted me to a competition which it would be great if all our families could enter during lockdown: the chance to win the school £5,000 in National Book Tokens (and if your entry is picked, you get £100 of tokens too!). To enter the competition, please head to the National Book Tokens website. Thank you for your support.

I hope you all have a great Bank Holiday weekend. The forecast for the next couple of days is good so you might manage some time outside!



01.05.20 Day Twenty

Some parents are starting to ask when schools might re-open. There is no simple answer to this and I do not know any more than you do. All we can do is to keep an eye on what is said by government ministers and the Prime Minister and at the moment they are telling us that there are no plans to re-open in the immediate future and when we do there will be some sort of phased return. I am concerned for the children in Year 6 who, other than missing out on their SATs tests, are missing out on visits to their secondary schools. As part of the Apollo Partnership Trust, however, I am working closely with colleagues at Castle Rock and Newbridge to plan what we can put in place to make sure that the transition works as well as possible. I will keep parents updated about this.

I am also concerned for the children who will be starting with us in Foundation Stage after the summer, as well as their parents, as we are not in a position to offer the usual level of induction. We are looking at what our options are and, again, will keep parents updated about this.

Next Friday (8th May) is a Bank Holiday. Parents will know that the date of the Bank Holiday was changed to coincide with the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Had we been at school, we would have marked this occasion, both as a national celebration and as a way of remembering the events of the Second World War. Mrs. Collins has put together some ideas which you might like to do at home with your children so that this day does not go past unnoticed during the lockdown.

I would like to send a huge THANK YOU to anyone who donated items to our community appeal. At the start of this week we delivered all the items to the Leicester Royal Infirmary. We had so much donated that we needed a lorry!!! Our thanks go to Elan Removals of Coalville who did this for us, donating their time and use of their vehicle.

I am aware that there continue to be some problems with Free School Meals vouchers, although these are now mostly resolved and my thanks go to Mrs Roe who has spent many hours making sure that parents receive their entitlement. The issues have been with the ordering system, which has been unable to cope with the level of need. Aldi has now been added to the list of supermarkets where the vouchers can be used. If your personal circumstances have changed recently and you think that you may be eligible for Free School Meals, please read our advice page.

Teachers are making a start on writing children's annual reports, which we will be sending out as normal (although commenting on two terms' work rather than the full year). One aspect of report writing is to include your child's voice. Usually this would be done in school but we would ask you to help us with this aspect this year by submitting your child's comments to their teacher. You can find the comments forms for children in Years 1 to 6 on the relevant year group page:

Year 1     Year 2     Year 3     Year 4     Year 5     Year 6

Communication of any sort is vital during these times. The staff are enjoying their phone calls to you, which often include the chance to have a quick chat with your child. Please remember that these calls are there for reasons of help and support; if there is anything with which we can help please ask. If the member of staff making the call can't answer a question then they will find someone who can. You can also contact your child's class teacher directly through a message system on our website.

Whilst on the subject of keeping in touch, how wonderful do the school railings look with all the messages to each other? I am in school every day and I see so many people stop to look at the children's messages, not just people who are associated with the school. A big vote of thanks goes to Miss Cavendish for this idea - and for putting together the staff video which we sent to you on Monday.

Have a good weekend with whatever you might be doing at home.



27.04.20 Day Sixteen

Today we have a special message which is as much for the children as it is for parents. As a means of keeping in touch the staff at Broom Leys have put something together to say hello.



24.04.20 Day Fifteen

It seems a long time since school closed but it has in fact only been three school weeks! I have enjoyed hearing from the teachers how well children are managing at home and the learning which is taking place. It has also been good to see examples of this shared on our Virtual Noticeboard.

Children and parents have been walking past school during their daily exercise time and have been leaving messages for one another through our suggestion to 'Decorate the Gate' (see below). One of the hardest things about the lockdown is not seeing your friends and we thought this would be one small way of keeping in touch. 

We are very aware that children will be using the internet a lot at home, both for school work and for leisure time. We all know that the internet is a wonderful thing but there are also hidden dangers. At school we constantly teach the children how to keep safe online and this is something which parents may want to do at home too. We have updated our e-safety page with the latest guidance and suggestions for parents.

From Monday parents of children in EYFS and Year 1 will be able to access daily phonics lessons. These lessons will follow 'Letters and Sounds', which is a resource we use in school and with which your child will be familiar. There is a letter for parents about the lessons which will be available from Monday on YouTube.

Parents of pupils entitled to Free School Meals should receive their vouchers soon. Every child will receive £15 per week to spend on food at a supermarket. It has taken much longer than anticipated to get the vouchers to you; this is no fault of the school but of the online system through which they are ordered. If your personal circumstances have changed recently and you think that you may be eligible for Free School Meals, please read our advice page here.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Please remember to get in touch with your child's class teacher if there is anything we can help you with.



21.04.20 Day Twelve

It is so important for us to keep together and to think of each other whilst on lockdown so we have come up with the idea to decorate the school gate, leaving messages for each other and for the wider community (see the letter below). If you choose to do this, please make sure you follow the rules of social distancing.



Some of the messages which have been left so far ………………..


20.04.20 Day Eleven

After two weeks of 'Easter holiday' we are now officially back at school. I hope that families have enjoyed Easter, one totally unlike we have ever experienced before, and that everyone is safe and well.

Teachers have started ringing home again today and will continue to do so a couple of times a week during term time. The phone calls are our way of touching base with you and offering our help with anything should you need it.

Over the last couple of weeks a lot of new resources have been made available for parents to use at home. Today the BBC started their new education programme BBC Bitesize Daily. Every day, 6 x 20 minute programmes are aired on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button targeting six age groups, from 5 to 14, where teachers, experts and famous faces cover what that age group could be learning that day. Details of several new resources, most of which are available for all year groups, are here.

The North West Leicestershire School Sports Partnership, which our school belongs to, has started a new project which they are calling the 'ISOLATION GAMES' which all children can take part in. Each week there will be a 'Personal Best' Challenge and a 'Creative' Challenge for all children. There will also be a weekly Virtual Competition which will be aimed at a different year group each week. This week the competition is aimed at Year 3. The Isolation Games can be found on our Stay Active page, the same page as Mr. Holyland's daily challenge.

Please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher if you have any questions about how best to support them at home; we are here to help!



03.04.20 Day Ten

Schools up and down the country have now been closed for two weeks. It has not been an easy time for anyone but I have to say how well I think everyone is coping. Had schools been open today would have been the end of term and we would be breaking up for the Easter holiday. Strange as it may seem, term dates still stand as they are so we will be treating the next two weeks as a school holiday.

What this means for parents is that staff will not be making phone calls for the next two weeks to touch base with you; those will start up again in the week beginning Monday 20th April. Parents of children who are entitled to Free School Meals will not be receiving vouchers as these are term time only (as would a school meal be).

Mr. Holyland’s daily challenges have been going down well. There have been some technicial issues with today’s challenge after a text was sent to parents and we hope to resolve those as soon as possible. It’s another challenge involving toilet rolls – to see how many you can balance on your head. For inspiration take a look at the photograph submitted by a member of staff on the Challenges Gallery. Thank goodness toilet rolls are back on the shelves now!

Please continue to send any photos / videos of the challenges being completed or any activities which your child may have been doing so that we can add these to our virtual noticeboard or challenges gallery. Several parents have said that they have found both of these pages useful for ideas of things to do with their own children.

Finally, schools within Apollo Partnership Trust would like to do their bit to support our colleagues in the NHS by sourcing as much PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as possible and delivering it to the hospitals in Leicester, where there is a shortage. We have raided cupboards and stores in the schools and wonder whether there may be parents who work for local companies which have any equipment which could be donated?

I would like to wish everyone a very happy Easter.



31.03.20   Day Seven (counting the school days!)

The feedback which I have been getting from the staff who have been speaking with you is that most people are now into a settled routine after the madness of last week. It's good to hear how well the children are getting on.

Last night the government issued its guidance on provision of free school meals vouches whilst schools are closed; details can be found on our Free School Meals page. This has caused some confusion amongst parents. If you have children in EYFS and Key Stage 1, all children are provided with a school meal under the Universal Infant Meal scheme. You are NOT entitled to the vouchers under this scheme. You ARE, though, entitled to the vouchers if you have previously registered for Free School Meals due to your personal circumstances. We have already contacted all parents who are eligible for the vouchers.

If your circumstances have recently changed and you believe that you may be eligible for Free School Meals, please contact the school office so that we can help you.

It has been pleasing to see how many parents are checking the website for updates and looking for things which can be done with the children when at home. There are two new additions to which I would particularly like to draw your attention:

  • At the top of the Virtual Noticeboard I have advertised a poetry writing competition which is only open to 7-11 year olds in North West Leicestershire. Give it a go!
  • Mr. Holyland, our Apprentice for School Sport, Health and Wellbeing has been busy at home. On our Stay Active page you will find a link to a short workout which he has put together for the children but even more excitingly you will find today's first CHALLENGE! Every normal school day, Mr. Holyland will be giving the children a physical challenge to attempt. Today's is the toilet roll challenge. What will tomorrow bring?! 


27.03.20   Day Five

So schools have now been closed for a week. All the staff at Broom Leys are thinking about you and send their best wishes. We have now contacted just about every family to see how things are and we will continue to do this whilst schools are closed. The staff have been telling me that it has been lovely just to touch base and to know that you and the children are getting on well.

There is now a lot of information on our 'Beating Coronavirus' page and this will be updated on a regular basis. A big thank you to those parents who have shared things for the Virtual Notice Board. You're being incredibly creative!

There are further links on the 'Stay Active' page, things which you can get your child to do to burn off some energy and to stay active whilst we are all confined to our homes, including suggestions for table tennis (even without the right equipment!) and yoga for children!

We have created a Mental Wellbeing page which parents might find useful during these uncertain times. Children may well be unsettled by the sudden change to their routine or by the current situation. This page offers ideas and resources for working with your child.

If your child has Special Educational Needs and may be finding some of the work slightly tricky, please take a look at some of the resources which have been put on our SEN page. Alternatively, please take a look at some of the learning activities for the year group below.

Into Film is a charity which supports schools to use film in education. Parents of children in Years 3 and 4 will remember that we managed to get free tickets to take the children to see Peter Rabbit and How to Tame your Dragon in the Autumn Term. They have created a collection of 50 film guides to support learning at home. So why not watch a film together then do some of the activities which they have suggested? There are films which are suitable for ages 5-7 and 7-11 and for those of you with older children 11-14 and 14-16.

Enjoy your weekend; I will be in touch again next week.



25.03.20    Day Three

I hope that you are all well. By now you should have been contacted by a member of staff from Broom Leys just to touch base, to make sure that all is well with you at home and to see if there is anything we can help you with. There were some parents who did not answer the call but if you would like to get in touch with us then please do! You can contact your child's teacher here. We will be trying to contact all families on at least a weekly basis so that we can keep you updated and help wherever we can. Some teachers, who are working from home, are using their own phones to ring you so you might get a call showing that the number is withheld. Please answer!

We are in the process of updating the home page of our website so that it becomes a 'Beating Coronavirus' page. We will be putting links to help, guidance, advice and useful resources for parents so please check that regularly.

Have you been doing anything exciting with your child over the last few days which it would be worth sharing with other parents? Take a look at our 'Virtual Noticeboard' page. If you would like to contribute to the page please feel free to do so over the coming weeks. It will be a way of us all keeping in touch as well as perhaps giving simple ideas to each other of what can be done at home during the closure.

Whilst we are all confined to our homes it is important to try to stay active. We have put some suggestions on our 'Stay Active' page.

Finally, thinking of pointing parents in the direction of useful resources, have you seen that David Walliams is releasing a free audio book each day for children to listen to? Today's story is Grubby Gertrude and you can find it here:


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