A message from the staff at Broom Leys to our children and their parents


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Rebecca Hodson(a couple of months ago)

Loved watching the video of all the staff, lovely idea, especially Mr Read’s dancing! Missing all my school friends especially everyone in 4R. Stay safe and I hope to see everyone again soon. X

Oliver commons(a couple of months ago)

We loved the video, seeing everyone happy, smiling and dancing. Ollie is missing school and cant wait to see you all, hes having fun with Mr Holyands daily challenge, special mention to Mrs Hodges and Mrs Lester he sends you both a hug x

Sarah Richards(a couple of months ago)

Such a fantastic idea. Isabel loved this and was impressed with the Izzy song at the start (she loves him) A couple of comments that stood out was "whats Mr Prior done to his classes, there funny" and "I like Miss Emmerson's hair she's changed colour" Her little face light up when she saw Miss O and Dawn. You are all doing a fantastic job keeping in touch. Stay safe, until we meet again x

Joanne benn leigh Benn(a couple of months ago)

The video was great we both loved it. Stay safe and keep smiling. Xx

REBECCA ALEY(a couple of months ago)

great video! my girls loved it and are missing school and their teachers and cant wait to be back love from emmi and ella xx

Buckminster Stewart(a couple of months ago)

Me and my family enjoyed the video, I danced along with you , stay safe and miss you all , see you all soon xx

Claire Butler(a couple of months ago)

What a lovely video message, Mason is missing all of his friends and Miss King. Keep safe everyone xx

Mollie Noon(a couple of months ago)

Loved the video and seeing all the teachers. Miss you lots and cant wait to come back to school. Love from Mollie xx

Connor Voce, Alex Voce, Emma Sharpe(a couple of months ago)

We miss you all! We hope you are all having a great time. That video was really good. Hope we will see each other soon when we will be at school again. Keep well. Love from Connor, Alex and Emma xxxxxxxx

Sophie Petty(a couple of months ago)

Missing all of my class 4B and Mr Bancroft but most of all my BFF Izzy. Stay Safe.

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