Last night, 7th November, we let the grown-ups loose in the classroom! They came to school to understand how we learn. They were all very busy and had a great time having a go at all of our jobs, especially the Dads who had great time trying to build the biggest tower!

It has been a busy start to the term, but we are so proud of how well the children have settled in! They have been busy making new friends, exploring the school, learning new routines and having lots of fun.  



Charlie Cook's Favourite Book

Each term the children decide what they would like to learn about.  We started the term by sharing a story that the children found in the library called Charlie Cook's Favourite Book. We then received a delivery from the pirate from the story - his favourite book 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We have written letters back to the pirate to say thank you for our delivery.

We have started to turn our classroom into the pages from Charlie Cook's Book. One f our favourite pages was a page with a huge tree on it! We explored the spinney to give us ideas about trees as we wanted a tree for birds to live in in our classroom. We thought trees were just brown - but when we investigated we found they were all different colours! We're hoping that some birds are going to move into the tree soon and build their nests.

We left some porridge out hoping the bears would come and eat it and over the weekend they did! Mrs Hatter in the office delivered another letter, this time from Mummy Bear. She has warned us that Goldilocks is very mischievous - we're on the look out for her.

We have been busy building a house for the three bears to live in and have also created members of the bear family to keep the three bears company. We've got a bit of a problem though... Baby Bear has just gone missing!



Reading at Home

 Please remember to fill in your reading diary as much as you can.  If your child reads at home 3 times a week they will receive a stamp in their reading diary and their name will be entered into a prize draw with the chance of winning a book each week.


Things you can do at home....

Looking out for different sounds and words in books.

Writing names 

Drawling patterns and shapes in sand, glitter, flour etc.

Writing shopping lists together (we are currently working our socks off to hear and write initial sounds in words).

Counting anything at home e.g. fruit, spoons, family members.

Number hunts (indoors and outdoors) e.g. what number is on the bus.

Putting numbers 1-10 in order 




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