Welcome to RM! 

We're going on a bear hunt! 

The children in RM are learning all about bears. We are currently learning about brown, grizzly bears. We have read 'We're going on a bear hunt' by Michael Rosen which the children are thoroughly enjoying. We have painted bears using forks, looked for bears hiding around the classroom, sequenced the story, build caves using construction materials, retold the story using musical instruments and practised writing letters in oozy mud! We have even done a little bit of Yoga (search for 'We're going on a bear hunt yoga' on YouTube) 



Miss Mitchell is so proud of our number work. We are still looking very closely at numbers 1-10, our number of the week is currently 8! We really do understand what these numbers mean :) Ask us to show you different ways of making certain numbers, what estimating means or how we can represent a number in lots of different ways! Our next step is to work on what the word less means.



We are using our phonics knowledge (and sometimes our robot arms!) to have a go at writing words and sentences. If we write a sentence, we are trying our best to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.  





Reading at Home

 Please remember to fill in your reading diary as much as you can.  If your child reads at home 3 times a week they will receive a stamp in their reading diary and their name will be entered into a prize draw with the chance of winning a book each week.


Things you can do at home....

Looking out for different sounds and words in books.

Writing names 

Drawling patterns, shapes and letters in sand, glitter, flour etc.

Writing shopping lists together- remind children to use their robot arms.

Counting anything at home e.g. fruit, spoons, family members.

Number hunts (indoors and outdoors) e.g. what number is on the bus.

Putting numbers 1-10 in order 

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