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If you have attended one of our assessment workshops we would appreciate some feedback. Please use the form below. Thank you for your help.


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Dawn Hawkins(a few years ago)

I found the workshop delivered by Miss Malliff very interesting and informative. I liked how Miss Malliff used the example of the "Jenga blocks" for how the new system works.This example helped me to understand how my children will now be assessed, a clear and concise workshop was delivered. I feel every parent should attend the workshops to understand and appreciate how hard the teachers at Broomleys have and are continually working with this new system, to support our childrens learning and development. Importantly as a parent you will have a better understanding of how your children are assessed. I feel credit to Broomleys school should be recognised on how they have delivered these workshops, as I know that parents with children in other local schools have had, as of yet no information regarding the new curriculum. Thank you.

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