Welcome to Year 4

Your teachers are:

4R: Mr Read and Mrs Clare

4B: Mr Bancroft and Mrs Waldron-Hall

4G: Miss Gaskin and Mrs Smallwood

Our cover supervisor is Mrs Wiles.


Year 4 Work for Home

In the event of a school closure or your child having to self-isolate, please refer to the information and links below for assistance and guidance in providing work for your child.

Twinkl provides resources for all areas of learning. To find age appropriate resources type 'Year 4' or 'KS2' into the search bar before the topic you would like resources for. To access a  free months trial on Twinkl use 'UKTWINKLHELPS' (www.twinkl.co.uk/offer).

As well as the ideas below, we would like children to really focus on continuing to learn their times tables. Children should also continue to read three times a week.


Try to complete these challenges this week:

  • Exercise for 30 minutes every day
  • Help to make a healthy lunch or dinner for everyone in your house
  • Create a maths problem for someone in your house to solve



A teacher called Gareth Metcalfe will be doing daily maths lessons. Use the link below to access these!

White Rose Maths are also providing daily maths lessons. Use the link below to access this and other resources:

Times Tables Rock Stars

  • Your child should have received their TTRS login. There are plenty of games and times tables to practise. We shall be setting the children different times tables to practise each week. Please have an explore of all the wonderful features: https://play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school/student

In maths this term we have been learning about fractions, this is something the children could focus on alongside their times tables. These websites have lots of games and activities for the children to do:

If you would like a work book which includes lots of activities for maths we cover in year 4, it can be downloaded and printed here:

This term, we have been learning about fractions. Take a look at these links:

Please find further maths resources at the bottom of this page.



Please find links to various activities for writing, spelling and grammar activities:

Children could keep a diary of their time at home.

Children could write their own story based upon a book they have read. This might be the next chapter or sequel to the book. Children could plan using the story mountain (found at the bottom of the page). Try to encourage the children to use fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases, pronouns, similes and metaphors, and interesting vocabulary. 

Take a look at these links to help the children with placing varying language features into their work:

 Please find further resources for spelling and language features at the bottom of this page.



The children should continue to read three times per week. They can continue to read their reading book from school as well as any other books or other reading material you have available. It might be a good idea for the children to write a review about each book that they read, discussing what they liked and disliked about the book. They could then use this to recommend the book to a member of the household.

This term we have been reading The Wind In The Willows. There are a few free downloads of the book online as well as on www.audible.co.uk. You can also find the 1995 film version to watch for free on www.youtube.com

Please find links to various reading activities:

 David Walliams is also releasing a free audio book each day on www.audible.co.uk.

Please find further reading resources at the bottom of this page.



Joe Wicks is running a 30 minute 9 a.m. workout every morning, Monday to Friday. This is a great way to stay healthy and be ready for the day ahead. Please follow the link to his Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6r99N3kXME



This term, we have been learning about the digestive system. Please find below a few useful links to some resources:

A fun experiment can be found here:



This term, we have been learning about the water cycle. Please find a few links to some useful sites for learning about the water cycle:

There are a few different experiments for the water cycle. The link below is for a simple experiment that can be done at home:

Next term, we will be researching and learning about The Romans. Children can get a head start on this by finding out any interesting facts and create a poster! 


This term, we have been looking at the work of Henri Matisse. Have a go at creating your own Matisse inspired piece of work! Please find the links to some of his work:



This week, we would like the children to be creative in designing an Easter egg. Allow the children to be as creative as possible. Please find the link to some more information regarding the Easter story:

Times Tables Activities

 10 Times Table Worksheet.pdfDownload
 11 Times Table Worksheet.pdfDownload
 12 Times Table Worksheet.pdfDownload
 3 Times Table Worksheet.pdfDownload
 4 Times Table Worksheet.pdfDownload
 5 Times Table Worksheet.pdfDownload
 6 Times Table Worksheet.pdfDownload
 7 Times Table Worksheet.pdfDownload
 8 Times Table Worksheet.pdfDownload
 9 Times Table Worksheet.pdfDownload
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Maths - Fraction Resources

 Add and Subtract Fractions PowerPoint.pptDownload
 Equivalent Fractions PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 Fractions of an amount PowerPoint.pptDownload
 Fractions Wall.pdfDownload
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English Resources

 Expanded Noun Phrases.pptDownload
 Fronted Adverbials PowerPoint.pptDownload
 Fronted Adverbials.pdfDownload
 Similes and Metaphors.pptDownload
 Story Mountain.docxDownload
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Reading Activities

 1. Non Fiction Revision Mat.pdfDownload
 2. Fiction Revision Mat.pdfDownload
 3. Poetry Revision Mat.pdfDownload
 Answers - 1, 2 & 3.pdfDownload
 Reading Revision Mat Guidance.pdfDownload
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This term, (Spring), we will be learning about the following topics...


Literacy Maths  Science Topic French PE RE DT/Art Computing PSHE

Jacqueline Wilson


Wind in the Willows

Division Multiplication Fractions

States of Matter



Water Cycle

My Home




Christianity Doodles


Handling Data



Philosophy for children


Help at Home...

Maths: This website has lots of great activities to help with all areas of maths, the problems are particularly good for helping to develop those reasoning skills:



 Reading: This website is perfect for all you book worms and to encourage the more reluctant reader: 



Writing: This website is a fun way to help with all aspects of our English work:



Year 4 Newsletter:





Enjoy your term! 

Don't forget to keep your indoor and outdoor PE kit in school for the week!

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