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Each week we are updating this page with suggested activities and resources across the curriculum. Please do not feel under pressure to complete any or all of these tasks - they are there for your convenience only. For Mathematics and English, we recommend that children complete the daily lessons available on one of the following websites. 

These high-quality lessons and resources are tailored to match the Year 5 curriculum and have been created in collaboration with Maths and English specialist teachers. 

#WOW (Writing of the Week)

Remember, we recommend that you complete the BBC Bitesize and/or the Oak National Academy lesson each day as your main English lesson, as well as developing your reading comprehension using ReadTheory throughout the week.

This week, why not try one of Jane Considine's Super Sentence Stacking lessons. In the files below you will find a powerpoint to help guide you.

First watch this short animation:

Then choose just one plot point or 'chunk' of the story to write about:

Now watch Mrs Considine's lesson where she will explain your task and teach you some techniques to use in your own writing:

 Sentence Stackers Writing Layout (Challenges).pdfDownload
 WB 06.07.20 Presto.pptxDownload
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Or, if you have been enjoying our #WOW story starters, find this week's task below.  Start by answering the comprehension questions to get your brain ticking and then have a go at using the story starter to write your own story. You could then choose one (or more!) of the 'Be a Detective' challenges to complete to delve even deeper...

#POW (Problem of the Week)

Remember, we recommend that you complete the BBC Bitesize and/or the Oak National Academy lesson each day as your main Maths lesson, as well as completing your MyMaths homework and practicing your recall of multiplication facts using Times Table Rockstars throughout the week.

This week we have four new problems for you to have a go at. The first three will get your brain warmed up while the last two should give it a bit of a stretch!

Or, you might want to carry on with our 'Challenge a Day'. There are two levels to choose from 'Tricky' and Trickier' - take you pick! 



Activities of the Week

This week's activities are all about looking back on your time in Year 5 (and during lockdown/school closures) as well as looking ahead to the new academic year and Year 6! You might want to bring in any of these activities that you complete at the start of next year to share with your new teachers.


 All About Me.pdfDownload
 Design Your Own Dream Jar Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Dream Jar Display Cut Outs.pdfDownload
 Dream Jar Writing Template.pdfDownload
 End of year memories.pdfDownload
 I Am an Amazing Person! Worksheet.pdfDownload
 I Can Statements Worksheet.pdfDownload
 Let Your Worries Go Worksheet.pdfDownload
 My Ten-Minute Journal.pdfDownload
 Positives of Lockdown.pdfDownload
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This week, we would like you to have a go at creating a piece of art all about you. There are some pictures below for inspiration...

Science Archive

 L5 Gestation Periods.pptDownload
 L5 Comparing gestation periods bar chart.docxDownload
 L5 Information Booklet.pdfDownload
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Geography Archive

 L1 - All About Volcanoes.pptDownload
 L1 Activity - label the features of a volcano.docDownload
 L2 Locating Volcanoes around the World.pdfDownload
 L2 The World's Most Dangerous Volcanoes.pptDownload
 L2 Volcano Fact Sheets.pdfDownload
 L2 World Volcanoes Reading Comprehension.pdfDownload
 L3 Types of volcano.pptDownload
 L4 Case Study - KÄ«lauea.pdfDownload
 L4 News Reporter Script.pdfDownload
 L5 Why live near a volcano.pptDownload
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 Art Archive


Grammar Archive

Time to improve your grammar skills ahead of Year 6? Use the Natural Curriculum website ( to revise and develop your understanding of key concepts whilst also learning about our world's weird and wonderful creatures! 

 Expanded noun phrase Presentation.pdfDownload
 TASKS - Expanded noun phrase.pdfDownload
 WHICH CHARACTER Image.pdfDownload
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For reading this half-term, we would like you to listen to 'The Nowhere Emporium' by Ross Mackenzie. We will be uploading 6/7 chapters a week so that we can get through the whole book before the summer holidays. For each chapter, there is a Reading Viper for you to complete to check your understanding. There are lots of other fun activities which you could complete as you listen along too! 


 Ross Mackenzie learning resource.pdfDownload
 The Nowhere Emporium 9-11 - Student Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
 The Nowhere Emporium 9-11 - VIPERS Discusion Guide.pdfDownload
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Alternatively, you might prefer to read J.K. Rowling's new story 'The Ickabog' which is currently being published for free, in instalments, a couple of chapters at a time. It isn’t Harry Potter and it doesn’t include magic. This is an entirely different story...

The most exciting part is that J.K. Rowling would like you to illustrate The Ickabog for her. Every day, she’ll be making suggestions for what you might like to draw. You can enter the official competition being run by her publishers, for the chance to have your artwork included in a printed version of the book due out later this year. She’ll be giving suggestions as to what to draw as you go along, but you should let your imagination run wild.

Click here to go to the website

 Activity Archive

Some more home learning suggestions...

Other useful resources...

Help at Home...

Maths: This website has lots of great activities to help with all areas of maths; the problems are particularly good for helping to develop those reasoning skills:

 Reading: This website is perfect for all you book worms and to encourage the more reluctant reader:


 Writing: This website is a fun way to help with all aspects of our English work:


Here's a look at what we have been doing so far this year...

Year 5 Newsletter:


Weekly homework in Year 5 is for your child to learn multiplication and division facts for up to 12 X12. This includes being able to answer multiplication and division questions out of sequence.

We also ask that your child reads at home at least 3 times in a week. This can be to themselves, to an adult or to a sibling/other member of the family. The important thing is that somebody is then able to talk with your child about what they have read. For more information about how to help your child with their comprehension and inference skills, please feel free to speak to your child's teacher. 

Pupils will also be given regular English, Maths, Topic or Science homework to complete.

P.E. Kits

Children should bring their P.E. kits into school on a Monday and then take it home on a Friday, meaning their kits should be in school all week.

Please remember P.E. kits should include: black shorts/joggers, a white t-shirt, a dark coloured jumper or a Broom Leys hooded jumper and a pair of plimsolls (indoor) and a pair of trainers (outdoors).

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