Achievement and Attainment


To find the latest published achievement and attainment data (2018) please visit the DfE School and College Performance website. 


National Test Results 2018

At KS1 and KS2 pupils ‘do not achieve the expected standard’, ‘achieve the expected standard’ or ‘achieve above the expected standard’.


At Broom Leys the proportion of pupils achieving the expected standard was above the national average in all areas:

Achieving the expected standard

Achieving above the expected standard

Broom Leys National Broom Leys National
Reading, Writing & Mathematics  73% 64% 10% 10%
Reading 78% 75% 24% 28%
Writing 81% 78% 22% 20%
Mathematics 81% 76% 23% 24%


The amount of progress pupils make from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 is an important measure for schools. A progress score of 0 equates to average progress nationally. Anything above 0 shows progress which is above the national average; anything below 0 shows progress which is below the national average.

The progress measures for this school were:

Reading +0.5
Writing +1.5
Mathematics +1.9

How do those figures compare to national figures?

Reading Writing Mathematics
Well above average (about 10% of schools)
Above average (about 10% of schools) +1.5 +1.9
Average (about 60% of schools) +0.5
Below average (about 10% of schools)
Well below average (about 10% of schools)

Progress at Broom Leys in 2018 placed the school in the top 20% of schools for Writing and Mathematics and in the middle 60% of schools for Reading.

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