Broom Leys Primary School Staff


Mr. Prior (Headteacher)

Mrs. Barnard (Deputy Headteacher)


Miss Cavendish (SENDCo)





Mrs. Hicks (EYFS lead) Monday to Wednesday

Mrs. Irvine (Art, Design and Technology) Wednesday to Friday

Miss Mitchell (Forest Schools)

Miss Okuniewski ('Keeping Safe') 


Year 1

Mrs. Beswick  (Mathematics)

Miss Lester (Computing) 

Mrs. Smallwood


Year 2

Mrs. Hemming (Year 1/2 Phase Leader) Mon to Weds

Miss McPherson (Thurs / Fri) 

Miss Gamble (English) 

Mrs. Collins (History) Weds to Fri 

Miss McPherson (Mon / Tues) 



Year 3

Mrs. Goldring (Year 3/4 Phase Leader / Music)

Mr. McIlwraith

Mr. Shooter-Dodd


Year 4

Mr. Read (Geography)

Miss Gaskin (Science)

Mr. Sawyer


Year 5

Miss Coxon (Modern Foreign Languages)

Mrs. Langley

Miss Dearden


Year 6

Mrs. Timson (Year 5/6 Phase Leader) Monday to Wednesday

Mrs. Yeomans (Year 5/6 Phase Leader) Wednesday to Friday

Miss Taylor (PSHE)

Mr. Bancroft (Physical Education)


Maternity  Leave:

Mrs. King and Mrs. Johnson


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